Once upon a time I was a single DJ with a broken heart. I played at a nightclub called Snobs in Birmingham, England and for all the positive parts of the job, it was not going to soothe my broken heart. I needed the kind of soothing only meeting someone special might allow and someone special I certainly did meet. By getting cover for my DJ set and disguising myself as a slim attractive person, in the very smoking area pictured here I met the lady that would become my wife. Not long after that meeting I wrote this song, so I knew it was something out of the ordinary. My disguise failed not long after, but she stayed with me. The club closed and I never DJ'd again, but we got a house together and then married and now we are three, but it all started, somewhat amazingly, in the dirty smoking area pictured on the cover.

This song was the obvious single from the 2015 album A Week of Aborted Bike Rides and Broken Pac-Man, but it didn't get released as such as no singles were released from that album. Now six years later it has been completely re-recorded with my new, far higher quality studio equipment and instruments, a change in key and tempo that has really brought this song to life and made it worthy of a single release. To top it off it was released on Wednesday 7th April, my third wedding anniversary! Never let it be said I'm not a romantic. xx