When She's Eighteen

When she's eighteen I'll be free! I feel like that quite often these days, but in truth it is followed closely by guilt and regret. The trouble is, having a child is quite literally the very worst and very best thing to have happened to you, happening at the same time. It's bottled schizophrenia and quite how so many people have had kids and have remained sane is surprising. My daughter is 20 months old as I write and now the good far outweigh the bad, but there have been times when that has not been the case and the writing of this song happened at one of those times.

I was partially obsessed with the song 'Satellite' by Desperate Journalist and I had pretty much decided to plagiarise it when the opportunity came. While that song was running round in my head I was faced with a few dilemmas with the Fleetwood Mac tribute band I had joined. To top it off, little Edith was giving me no end of trouble and my thinking of how easy being in a band was before she came along made me momentarily think 'at least I'll be free when she's eighteen'. Ten minutes later, song written, job done. Any similarity to Satellite is entirely intentional, although it ended up sounding quite a bit differently to how I had intended.

Of course, its all very tongue-in-cheek and not at all true.
I will never be free!