The Moment I Saw Her

This track was recorded for my new album, Turning Sleeping into Art, but started out as an even more poppy affair than it ended up being and as such, just didn't fit on the album at all. Rather than just ditch it, I re-arranged things musically in the hope it would fit, but realised it was thematically wrong rather than sonically. This did end up leaving me with a great pop song ready to go and as the album is taking a little longer than planned, releasing a single made sense and so release it I did.

I had had a plan of making the album not just about having a child, but coping as a couple with having a child and that is still the case. However, this song went back in time a little too far really and is about my feelings towards my wife like the songs I was writing before we became parents. The album as a very different tone focussing on the difficulties involved in raising children and so this song really needed to exist on its own. Thankfully, it is a fun, upbeat pop song perfectly suited to being a summer single so the timing couldn't have been better.