Pigs In Blankets

I've known for years it's impossible for there to be a big hit Christmas song like all those classics that we love, as they are all so perfect and simple the genre is very well covered. After some thought about why modern holiday songs always fail to hit the spot, I realised a few things. Firstly, it's almost all about emotion and no new song, when compared to songs we've grown up with, will ever hit the spot. Secondly, they mostly seem to fail by trying to be exactly the same as all the songs before them and Fairytale of New York didn't become everyone's favourite by design. Thirdly, when listening to all those old songs, none of the things they go on about have any connection to my experiences over the holiday period. Or in fact anyone I know. We just accept the romanticised ideals, just like with the films, that it will always be snowing and there will be chestnuts and open fires. My experience is a fight for the most pigs in blankets I can get and just generally enjoying as much of the food on offer as I can. It rarely snows, I don't like chestnuts, but I am lucky that my parents have an open fire. What became most clear is that everyone's experience is ever so slightly different, with one thing that makes the season what it is and that one thing is different for everyone. For me it's the food, for my wife it's all about the presents, my brother it's probably the drinking and for you it could be anything and that is really what my song is about. None of those cliches are in fact true and we all have entirely unique ways of doing things. Do whatever you want this year, have an amazing time doing it and know that I will be eating a load of pigs in blankets.