Jammy Dodgers (The Brexit Song)

I have always said that Jammy Dodgers are the most jingoistic of biscuits and it was only a matter of time before I wrote a song on the subject! Truthfully though, this song came about by pure accident, but just had to be released as it's so topical. I have recently joined an Elton John tribute band as a bassist and had to by a lot of new gear, including a beautiful fretless bass. Whilst messing around I came up with this bass line, partly inspired by the Joy Division I'd been listening to that week. I have also recently bought all new recording equipment in order to set about making my next album and so I used this bass line to start getting to grips with the new gear and the basis of a song started to appear. By chance I started to play around with some words once the music and structure was in place and they just flowed out almost in one. After playing it to a few people I realised I had to release it and so it will go from conception to release date in a mere three weeks!