If Only We Knew

There was a real moment, just after the Otis Redding inspired activity had finished, when I could see into the future. At the time it was explained away easily by simply being in love. I'd been down that road before I thought and look how that turned out. Looking back now it seems I may have predicted the future. This song was about a moment in time that I wanted to capture forever. The moment when I realised the person next me would be there forever. Things would happen in an order at certain times and I could see exactly how. This song was a tribute to those feelings as I didn't believe I could actually see into the future, but whether though fantastic planning, by chance or because I have the gift, all the things I saw have happened and so this song will now receive the gift of being released as a single.

I was originally included on the album 'A Week of Aborted Bike Rides and Broken Pac-Man' and it always seemed to receive the most plays despite no singles being released. I always hated the recording as it was clearly a funk/soul track and needed some real groove that can only come about from people playing together. I have ended up playing in a Fleetwood Mac tribute band and the drummer from that outfit, Mr Jason Gumbley, is an exceptional drummer of just the right fit for this song. By chance, he had just set up a recording studio and was hoping to promote his remote recording services just at the time I was looking for a drummer to record remotely and so the groove I was after was really well delivered in what is now a perfect gem of funk pop magic.