Infinite Elison

Released 8th of June 2018

All songs are written, performed and recorded by Elison except: 'Imagine I'm Shouting' written by Elison, Oli Brown and James Gilbert and with Piano by Oli Brown and 'You Ain't Seen The Best Of Me' written by Elison and Oli Brown with Piano by Oli Brown.

  • Turn Away
  • Imagine I'm Shouting
  • Infinity
  • Up Top
  • You Ain't Seen The Best Of Me
  • Punchin'
  • Cigars & Jam Jars
  • Waterwheelin'
  • Start Me Up Again
  • Fall Down Softly
  • I Need Water
  • Lay My World Open
  • All To Myself
  • Wear My Heart

Despite a title sounding distinctly like a best of, Infinite Elison is actually about that moment when you realise you'll be there for someone forever. I'm lucky enough to have had that feeling. I know it from both sides and so I wrote these songs whilst meeting, dating and ultimately marrying my now wife Samantha. It begins with a loss and goes through finding someone and dating someone, before falling down softly on one knee and proposing. It's all true, but there are big gaps. It covers the moments that stuck and those hopes that came true. It mostly describes a feeling I didn't know I had until it was written and shows how my subconscious is far more switched on than I am. It hit the nail on the head and forced me to write a story that could have had no end. There was an end though, and I'm very happy.