Extraordinary Love

This song has been the easiest to write, but very much the hardest to record. Thankfully our little Edith has the kindest mother who made sure there were enough quiet hours in the house to allow me to get this track finished. The writing was easy and if you have never experienced child-birth first hand, no film, book or programme has ever done it justice. It is so much more extreme and aggressive. So hugely powerful and moving that I knew I couldn’t do it justice either and so this song is more about me than anything. About the dramatic character changes the experience of fatherhood have brought on and the almost crippling fear I now feel every day. It seems my life is now one of continuing contradictions, keeping me at my very worst and very best almost simultaneously. The challenge threatens me and yet I relish it. This is without doubt the best thing I have ever done. I love you Edi.