Back to the Fear

This song was written whilst waiting for my daughter to be born. Not in the waiting room, but at some point in the months leading up to her birth and presumably on a day when I was getting pretty worried. I got myself thinking. Looking back at when I was younger and everything scared me, it was really quite crippling and it stopped me pursuing the things in life that I really wanted. The need to banish fear from my life meant I had no life at all. I did do things and in truth, most of that time was spent very privately learning how to write and record songs. But I could never do anything with them, or perform them, and it held me back tremendously. This was true in every aspect of my life until the need to get out there with my music made me change everything. Once I embraced the fear, only good things happened. I met people, I performed, I travelled and most importantly I loved. Every really scary thing I was faced with seemed to result in joy, until I only pursued things that made me scared. That led me to fall in love, fall down on one knee, get married and in May last year, welcome my beautiful daughter into the world. Had I not faced the fear in my own life, none of these wonderful things would have happened and I certainly wouldn't be releasing this song. Cheers xx