A Familiar View

Released 18th of September 2014

All songs are written, performed and recorded by Elison

  • A Familiar View
  • Love Is A Disease
  • I'll Love You Right
  • Pave The Way Home
  • I Could Wake With You
  • I Can Leave
  • Say Goodbye
  • It's Better Now
  • Specks Of Water
  • Come Back To Me
  • And Back Again
  • I'm Building

A Familiar View is an album about the terminally on and off again relationship. This came about organically and was originally just a self absorbed break-up album written as something to do after a break-up of my own. However, six songs into the album, we got back together, so I wrote a load of songs about that and it became happier and potentially releasable as a make-up album. We then broke up again and got together again and broke up again, which was really messing about with the song order and I'd written about twenty of them by now. Once it was properly over and I had moved on, I was able to ditch a lot of the songs and put ones on there that fitted in with the on/off nature given to the album by the circumstances. I named it A Familiar View after the first song on the album, which was written the day after us getting back together for the first time, for although the song was about revisiting an old love, it fitted even better with the idea of constantly revisiting an old love. Thankfully those days have gone and you can head on to my next album for proof of that.