21st Century Politics

On the day of the recent general election in the UK I felt so down, having voted in a way I never had before due to my usual path being disrupted, I could not believe the state we have managed to get ourselves in to. This seems to be being mirrored around the world, but no one is doing politics worse than the Brits at the moment. It has always been a choice between a douche and a turd, but things are getting ridiculous. It started to get me thinking how in the 21st century, I have felt completely unrepresented by any of the tradition style politicians and I think most people would likely feel the same. It is certainly the case with younger people and it seems as though there is something bubbling away there that possibly means the next generation are going to change this whole mess. Needless to say, this seemed like a good topic to write my first song of 2020 about as I do try to write about what is on my mind and it’s hard to escape this feeling. I am hoping more positive news in the months and years to come will bring with it some more positive songs, but for now enjoy my tune '21st Century Politics'.